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Andrea Wolf is the founder and visionary behind Well Yoga.  

Connor and Chloe are the inspiration behind the vision. Andrea and Jonathan’s children are the ones who challenge them to find the time - even when it seems like there is never any time with little ones to follow their dreams. C & C are the reason they need a village for support and because they’re a whole lot of feelings, energy and wonder.


With a background in parent coaching, infant development and special education consultation, becoming a mother to Connor in 2017 changed everything for Andrea.


The theory behind what she knew was overshadowed by doubt, guilt and worry for her newborn. Brought into this world in a whirlwind of trauma from medical complications, Andrea leaned on her own mother and her friends who had babies before her. All of a sudden, the books on infant development and years of experience took a backseat to her longing for connection to those who had the same worries as her own. As her son grew stronger and she gained confidence in her own abilities, Andrea’s priority of community and connection held strong and her focus for her own work changed. 


In March 2020, 7 months pregnant with her daughter, Andrea and many others began a lonely and isolating prenatal/perinatal experience. The prenatal yoga classes and community through her chosen yoga studio had closed its doors. Her hips began to ache, her stress rose. With a busy toddler at home, exhaustion, fear of a global pandemic and washing groceries took over. 


In June 2020, Chloe was born, and when she was kept under UV lights to treat jaundice Andrea was once again alone. Jonathan at home with their son, no visitors or in and out privileges at the hospital under lockdown, this is not the way we are intended to bring children into the world. After 5 days of what felt like hospital jail, Andrea and Chloe were released, only to return to a home where grandparents were fearful of coming too close to the newborn. The instinct to lean into those supportive hugs from those she loved most were tainted by an awkward question, “are hugs allowed?” Aunts and Uncles visited from afar, waving at a baby who they longed to cuddle close. Most of Andrea’s closest friends and family never met Chloe as a newborn. And she began to worry about how the isolation would affect her daughter. What became quickly evident, is that the isolation affected her and her husband far more than her newborn. Chloe was fine -  in those first months, newborns just need a caregiver’s love, they need nutrition, touch and connection. 


Parents need a village. Their village, when they needed it most, was unfairly ripped away.


Join us at Well Yoga on this journey for caregiver wellness and community.