• Well Baby Yoga

    Join us for our original class, Well Baby runs as a 6-class series. It begins again June 8, 2022. Only 10 spots available!

    Nurture your body and connect with other parents. This postnatal class is taught to the parents, though we have fun including babies too! We worth throughout the series to build strength and open up our flexibility to combat those postnatal muscular strains.

    We welcome babies under 1 year.

    Drop-in pairs are welcome if capacity allows.

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  • Well Flow in the Park (prenatal safe) Yoga

    Well Flow in the Park (prenatal safe) begins Thursdays at 12:00pm in Quaker Commons park June 9, 2022.

    This is an all levels class, please indicate prior if you are pregant and we can surely accomdate a safe class for you and your yoga passenger.

    Prenatal yoga nourishes the transformation in your body. It is designed especially for the delicate stages of pregnancy and connection with your growing baby.

    We welcome mamas who are 13 weeks or more into their pregnancy. No previous experience needed.

    Drop-ins are welcome but please be sure to sign up!

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  • Well Baby Swim

    BYOB (bring your own baby) to 30 minutes of outdoor parent/baby yoga followed by 30 minutes of parent/tot Swimming Lessons.

    Taught by a certified swimming instructor, Well Baby Swim will give your baby their first exposure to swimming and water safety.

    Upon completion of the 6 week series, babies will receive a Red Cross Starfish swim badge.

    In the Red Cross's Starfish program, students will be introduced to play, movement and safety in the water with a parent. Parents will also learn how to support children in various holds, including optional submersion and when the child is in front, back or vertical positions.

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Well Yoga Testimonials

"I was so happy to find in-person yoga with Well Yoga at the very end of my pregnancy. I attended my first prenatal yoga session at 39 weeks which was just what my body needed for a good stretch with some strength. I was so excited to bring my baby back with me for Mom and Baby yoga. Andrea took into consideration what each body needed and offered great modifications for all stages. It was a very comfortable environment which helped me adjust to being out and about with a little one! Looking forward to the next sessions!"

Victoria in Uxbridge, 2022

"The space Andrea has created at Well Yoga gave me room not only to move and get back into my body postpartum, but also to connect with my little one and include her in my practice. This feeling of support, joy and community was something I looked forward to coming into every class, as well as the feeling of being grounded and challenged in my yoga practice. We can't wait to be back."

Melissa in Uxbridge, 2022

"Well Yoga is an incredible atmosphere that allows for clarity of the mind and strengthening of the body. It has also provided me with a great place to meet other mom and baby pairs. Andrea is an amazing instructor who works with all levels of yoga experience. I am so looking forward to attending many series throughout my maternity leave."

Jessica in Uxbridge, 2022