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Prenatal Yoga and Baby-and-Me Yoga series offerings!

Well Yoga is building a community of well-being. Offering connection to community, breath, mind and body. Yoga is the backbone - shared experience and connection to others is the essence 🧘‍♀️

Follow us on the journey to build a strong yoga community in Uxbridge, ON

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  • Yin/Restorative Yoga

    Fridays 5pm-6:15

    As a gentle way to close out your week, this class offers an extended period of deep relaxation and reflection.

    Carefully crafted, it aims to establish a mindful meditation practice, helping you release the tensions accumulated over the week. Through longer-held poses and calming breathing techniques, we explore the depths of the body's connective tissues, promoting holistic relaxation.

    This series provides a sanctuary for you to recalibrate, finding peace and rejuvenation as you step into the weekend with serenity and balance. And yes, it's prenatal safe, ensuring a soothing experience for all.

    *Prenatal Safe

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  • Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa series run Sundays at 9am

    Series Highlights:

    Guided by Miriam, our expert instructor. Her energy flow yoga follows the rhythm of the breath and moves dynamically from one shape into another.

    She will workshop variations for all levels. Including active recovery intervals for renewed energy.

    Embrace the journey of progress, not perfection. Miriam's support for physical and mental growth is central in this continuous flow of movement and breath generating a meditative state, encouraging you to let go of thought and focus on experience of the present moment.

    This class is multi-level. Some experience is an asset.

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  • Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal yoga classes are embedded into our other Well Yoga series.

    Please register for any of the following series:

    Baby and Me


    Where you see 'prenatal safe' in the series description, it indicates that your instructor is specially trained to nourish the transformation in your body.

    Prenatal sequences are designed especially for the delicate stages of pregnancy and to connect with your growing baby.

    We welcome mamas who are 13 weeks or more into their pregnancy. No previous experience needed.

    Purchase the all-series pass to flow between prenatal classes.

  • Baby and Me Yoga

    Well Baby Yoga (0-12 months) series Tuesdays at 12pm weekly.

    10 spots available in each series

    Nurture your body and connect with other parents. This postnatal series is taught to the parents, though we have fun including babies too!

    We work throughout the series to build strength and open up our flexibility to combat those postnatal muscular strains.

    We intend build community and parental well-being, where you practice with the same parents and babes over 8 weeks.

    Dads and partners are both welcome and encouraged!

    Drop-in pairs are welcome if capacity allows.

    *Prenatal Safe

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Well Yoga Testimonials

"I was so happy to find in-person yoga with Well Yoga at the very end of my pregnancy. I attended my first prenatal yoga session at 39 weeks which was just what my body needed for a good stretch with some strength. I was so excited to bring my baby back with me for Mom and Baby yoga. Andrea took into consideration what each body needed and offered great modifications for all stages. It was a very comfortable environment which helped me adjust to being out and about with a little one! Looking forward to the next sessions!"

Victoria in Uxbridge, 2022

"I can’t say enough about Andrea & Well Yoga! The environment that she’s created is one that allows me to find some peace in the busyness of motherhood while carving out time to take care of myself and connect with my little one. I started her pre natal classes during my second pregnancy and always felt safe in my movement with her guidance. I have continued classes weekly, 8 months later, because of the difficulty & challenges each class brings. It is clear that both Andrea and the other instructors at Well Yoga are well versed in the knowledge of what they practice and deeply care about each individual in their classes and their unique needs. In addition, I have met other women and made valuable friendships due to the inclusive nature of the studio. Whatever your goal - some me time, a challenging workout, or a place to connect with others - you’ll find it at Well Yoga and it will quickly become an environment you’re excited to be a part of!"

Jessica in Uxbridge, 2022

"The space Andrea has created at Well Yoga gave me room not only to move and get back into my body postpartum, but also to connect with my little one and include her in my practice. This feeling of support, joy and community was something I looked forward to coming into every class, as well as the feeling of being grounded and challenged in my yoga practice. We can't wait to be back."

Melissa in Uxbridge, 2022

"Well Yoga is an incredible atmosphere that allows for clarity of the mind and strengthening of the body. It has also provided me with a great place to meet other mom and baby pairs. Andrea is an amazing instructor who works with all levels of yoga experience. I am so looking forward to attending many series throughout my maternity leave."

Jessica in Uxbridge, 2022

"This was my first time participating in the Well Yoga Restorative Candelist class, and any Yoga Restorative class to begin with. I'm typically a person who prefers the sweaty Hot Yoga Flow sessions, but this class has completely changed my entire outlook on Yoga! As an instructor, Andrea brought a calming, positive, and uplifting energy to the class, which made you leave the mat feeling restored and balanced - ready to take on the crazy and hectic week ahead. This is a class every woman should participate in regularly, as we all need some yin to our yang!"

Lexy in Uxbridge, 2022

"Being pregnant with so many restrictions due to Covid was difficult, finding Andrea's prenatal class that was in person even just for a few visits was just what I needed! Her virtual classes were intimate and tailored to my needs being later in my third trimester, with a lot of pelvic girdle pain. The classes allowed me to relax, stretch just enough and it even improved my sleep. I would highly recommend Andrea's yoga classes for anyone looking, whether pregnant or not!"

Elisabeth in Uxbridge, 2022